[ RadSafe ] I131 patient during intercontinental flight

Moshe Levita mlevita at tasmc.health.gov.il
Sun Feb 22 05:00:40 CST 2009

Dear Franz and all the RADSAFErs engaged in this thread,

As for the question why do patients come to Israel for I-131 treatment,

the answer is that they come to Israel not only for the I-131 treat, but,

for a full assesment of their disease which include surgery and possible external beam.

Besides, we have many patients from the Arab countries (including the Gaza Strip) which can
contributr to make peace in the Middle East ...

I have to correct other radsafer who stated that :
 if a 200 mCi CA therapy patient got on an airplane immediately after 
being dosed someone sitting next to them on an airplane will be getting 
about 13 mrad per hr +/-  .

Based on our measurements the doserate at 1m from such a patient will be
arround 30 mr/hr and at 50cm about 120 mr/hr !

And, as airport radiation alarm monitors are concerned,
Our last patient ( 2 weeks ago)  flew to Russia while she had residual activity of 2mc,
she was stopped there after triggering the airport monitors, and released after presenting
written certificate from out medical center stating that she :
" Does not impose any hazard to other peaple including childrens and pregnant women or any
 electronic device."


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