[ RadSafe ] Identification of Photo - This supposed Depleted Uranium Baby is Everywhere on the Net - What is the real cause

Roger Helbig rhelbig at california.com
Mon Jan 5 04:41:31 CST 2009

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The civilian population and the occupation troops in Iraq and Afghanistan
are contaminated with amazing levels of radioactivity because of depleted
uranium and not depleted used abundantly by the United States after
September 11 of 2001 ...
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This photo is the most common one that is used by the anti-DU crusaders that
are having a field day with the Israeli invasion of Gaza.  First a Norwegian
activist doctor reports illegal use of fuel air explosives and depleted
uranium.  Then someone confirms depleted uranium in casualties, then another
claims that there is new bullet made of DU with Tungsten that creates a
wound that will never heal.  These people ignore science, but they get the
press and they dominate the internet with dozens of postings or more per




Roger Helbig

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