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Ivor Surveyor isurveyor at vianet.net.au
Thu Jan 15 07:13:30 CST 2009

  The video "Pet Food Industry In Trouble." is still on the ABC site, 
it is not easy to locate.


The best way to find it is from the ABC home page, click on TV ABC1.

Then try program website and scroll down to find programs A_Z.

Click on A_Z, then on to 0-9. This should lead you to the 7:30 
report.  Finally you will find it is a "Vodcast" dated 12-Jan-09.

To clear up one other matter; as a tax payer I am concerned that a 
public broadcaster founded by my money is able to publish such drivel.

Ivor Surveyor
[ isurveyor at vianet.net.au ]  

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