[ RadSafe ] In-vivo Cs-137

Baumbaugh, Joel SPAWAR joel.baumbaugh at navy.mil
Fri Jan 23 11:16:05 CST 2009


Give us more information.  Do you have someone that you're measuring a
body burden in?

If you do, how old is the person, what is their history?  ...an obvious
question would be were they near Chernobyl for instance...LOL... or S.
America or Juarez Mexico during their contamination accidents (although
those were all LONG ago now)?

Do they work at a facility that uses Cs-137 (I'm always thinking of a
leaking sealed source - "I" have been contaminated more than once by
one).  Do they live with someone that works at such a place?

Right off the top of my head I remember that most of the uptake is in
the endocrine glands (like thyroid) and muscles - and most of its
excreted pretty rapidly (I hope I'm remembering correctly I'm not near
any of my ICRP's right now), but what in the world would it be used for
in-vivo???  There are so many "better" things to use (shorter
half-lives, etc.)...

...let us know, ok?

Joel Baumbaugh
San Diego

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Is anyone aware of a medical treatment that would leave Cs-137 in an 
out-patient?  If so, how much and for how long?

I KNOW that it's typically used medically as an external source, or 
in-patient brachytherapy.  I just don't know of any conceivable 
reason for a person to have it in-vivo.

Brian Rees   

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