[ RadSafe ] In-vivo Cs-137

Cindy Bloom radbloom at comcast.net
Fri Jan 23 11:21:46 CST 2009


I haven't heard of unsealed Cs-137 being used purposefully as a medical 
treatment (a very small amount of Cs-137 contamination might be on the 
surface of a sealed source).  I wonder if Cs-137 might be a contaminant in 
a radiopharmaceutical.

This site, 
states that Cs-137 is used in PET imaging.  Interesting.


At 08:49 PM 1/21/2009 -0700, Brian Rees wrote:
>Is anyone aware of a medical treatment that would leave Cs-137 in an 
>out-patient?  If so, how much and for how long?
>I KNOW that it's typically used medically as an external source, or 
>in-patient brachytherapy.  I just don't know of any conceivable reason for 
>a person to have it in-vivo.
>Brian Rees
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