[ RadSafe ] In-vivo Cs-137

Bjorn Cedervall bcradsafers at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 26 06:44:57 CST 2009

As far as I understand cesium 137 has been used (as implants) in radiotherapy of
cervical cancers. An alternative for implants is radium (226) - the dose distributions
must be different. I have no idea to what extent these radionuclides have been/still are
used for this purpose - and for how long the implants are kept in the patient's body.
Hopefully someone else can clarify.
Bjorn Cedervall
> I appreciate the clarification; the list provided no indication as to > whether the radionuclides were administered to patients or not. Some of > the other "PET imaging" radionuclides listed at the Radiochemistry Society > web site are very short-lived and I would guess that these might be > administered to patients. Other radionuclides on the list have longer > physical half-lives (30+ days, although their biological half-lives might > be relatively short), , e.g., H-3, Ge-68, Nb-95, Ru-103, Sc-46, and I'm > curious if these are administered to patients.>
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