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	Thanks for the link.  I look forward to reading
the report more carefully when I get a chance.  It
looks interesting and reassuring.

	Meanwhile, I'm sending this response to the Radsafe
list, because others might like to have the information you sent.

	By the way, I sent the piece around as an sample
of what's out there, with no endorsement implied or intended.

	In the earlier Australian cat-food correspondence, it
was said that the food was irradiated at 50 times the dose
that apples get.  I don't recall that the dose was given, but
that sounds like a lot.

	The report whose link you sent says that doses of 50
kGy and more have been shown to be safe.  I recall seeing
pictures of scorched mail that was delivered to Congress
after the anthrax episode, so it seems that excessive
irradiation can be damaging to some materials.  I wonder
how that compares with the Aussie cat-food dose.;



At 03:03 PM 1/29/2009, dckosloff at firstenergycorp.com wrote:

The people who wrote this are either woefully ignorant of dishonest.

If you do an internet search of "carrot top" plus "irratiated" you will get
many hits that include information that will shred their claims.

My personal favorite is
especially beginning at page 36.

Don Kosloff
Oak Harbor OH

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The Bottom Line Daily Health News probably reaches
a rather large audience.  Radsafers might be
interested in the excerpt below.
-- George Stanford


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Don't X-ray My Veggies

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