[ RadSafe ] EPDs for Hospital first receivers

Bailey, Pete Pete.Bailey at fpl.com
Fri Jul 10 07:49:14 CDT 2009

Although great gizmo's , their use is fraught with more problems than benefits.
 . .not saying they , EPDs, have problems perse, just when compared to the 'problems'

We still use self-readers [SR]  (look through, read exposure)
Very simple to use; piezo charger (no battery maint.), fairly rugged.

The EPDs do look more hi-tech and my give the user a feeling of value,
reader/charger requirements...need one to 'zero' . . .usually requires a computer too....
battery in EPD : surveillance or 'last minute' insert a 'new' one, stored where...with a 'stored battery' surveillance.
expensive . . .few hundred for one EPD . .will buy a fist full of Self Readers
Storage volume : the volume of 2 or 3 EPDs = storage volume of fist full of SRs
I also feel, the occasional 'beep' emitted by the EPD can be a distraction,
and if the 'alarm setpoints' are not properly set, the Alarm can instill panic in both the attending personnal and the patient....

Just my 'brownian motion' thoughts....


U.S.A , Florida

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