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Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at
Thu Jul 16 18:16:08 CDT 2009


I do not know, whether you read my recent comment, that this "marco" is a
troll. After my comment he has two times confirmed this impression I have.
He tried to "teach" me about the history of nuclear bombs, about
reprocessing and that weapons grade Pu-239 could be extracted from nuclear
power reactor fuel and that it was according to what he claims extracted for
the Nagasaki bomb from "reactor fuel". He confirms that he has not the
slightest idea about the history of nuclear bombs, the techniques used and
he confuses apples and cherries, since they are both "fruits". 

I know that there are many people on RADSAFE, who are knowleagable in this
field and I wonder why they do not yell loudly when reading Marco's
nonsense. I yell, because we hear and read so much nonsense about nuclear
power, nuclear bombs, enrichment - all motivated by one or the other
direction politically and I think that "informing" the public should not be
a rhetoric claim, but should be done. 

I personally have visited several reprocessing plants - not only the visitor
centers, but were inside and discussed with the scientists in charge: La
Hague in France, Sellafield in the UK, Rokkasho in Japan. Believe it or not
I was even allowed some time ago to visit the Hanford Site - so I was
granted permission for access to this very sensitive site. Anybody could
deduce from this fact that I cannot be a complete idiot in this field. The
number of nuclear power plants I have visited and where we discussed
surveillance systems and methods I do not remember. 

I have been the leader of the Terrestrial Working Group" of the Mururoa
Project - which needed a lot of knowledge on weapons technology, the fuel
employed and the fission products.

I stop here. 

O.K. Now we have an M.C. Baehler, who does not reveal his coordinates and
does not bother to give an affiliation. I suppose he has none. A search for
his name shows no publications. He writes in a very bad German - which shows
as even one US-RADSAFEr (thank you Richard for your efforts), who translated
a part of this persons remarks (not the most insulting ones) noticed, a very
bad low end German. The Message is full with grammatical mistakes, so he
must be a very low educated person, which coincides with the level of his
"scientific" postings. For the personal insult that I should stay retired I
do not care - yes, I will stay retired - as a government employee this
cannot be reversed even if I wanted - I never would. I do and I'll work
whatever I like in my field of science where my knowledge is appreciated -
like so many US-scientists do.

I admit that sometimes those trolls are very amusing. I do not care for
their insults. But do we really need them on RADSAFE? 

Best regards,


Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
MinRat i.R.
Habicherg. 31/7
A-1160 Wien/Vienna

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