[ RadSafe ] Exempt Quantity source shipments

Wes WesVanPelt at verizon.net
Fri Jul 24 08:51:19 CDT 2009

George said.....
	Hold on Dan. I too talked with Larry about this, and he is of course
the one to ask about shipping regs. The next question is: Who are you
shipping it 
to, and do you have a materials license to transfer radioactive materials?
It is not enough that the material is of exempt quantity, you MUST be
licensed to transfer even exempt quantity, but not to receive it.

Not so. A person may transfer, or in fact do ANYTHING, with a license exempt
amount of radioactivity. No license is needed.

A person would only need a license to COMMERCIALLY DISTRIBUTE license exempt
radioactive material.

Wes Van Pelt

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