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i am glad that you had something to say about this
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Thank you for forwarding these news, though they are alarming. But obviously
not alarming enough to create a corresponding echo on RADSAFE! 

Since the research reactor in Seibersdorf, Austria shut down, which produced
not only Tc-99m (or rather its parent nuclide), but also for example other
radionuclides for instance for synoviortesis, radionuclides needed in
technical applications like iridium, co-60 or others, there are problems.
One can import radionuclides from foreign countries. Not to talk about the
addition costs this is most often not possible for short lived radionuclides
or would enhance the radiation dose to the handler abroad, because much
higher activities have to be handled and shipped!

Similar problems abound(ed) in Australia. Have they been solved? 

Thanks to those "greens" and "friends of mankind" it might be possible that
people die, because their acute heart diseases cannot be discovered due to
lack of suitable radionuclides. 

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