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Peter Bossew Peter.Bossew at reflex.at
Sat Jul 25 14:20:15 CDT 2009

For those interested in more fundamental questions: 2 articles on the
alleged temporal variability of decay constants.

Evidence for Correlations Between Nuclear Decay Rates and Earth-Sun
Jere H. Jenkins et al., 

Unexplained periodic fluctuations in the decay rates of Si-32 and Ra-226
have been reported by groups at Brookhaven National Laboratory (Si-32),
and at the Physikalisch-Technische-Bundesandstalt in Germany (Ra-226). We
show from an analysis of the raw data in these experiments that the
observed fluctuations are strongly correlated in time, not only with each
other, but also with the distance between the Earth and the Sun. Some
implications of these results are also discussed, including the suggestion
that discrepancies in published half-life determinations for these and
other nuclides may be attributable in part to differences in solar
activity during the course of the various experiments, or to seasonal
variations in fundamental constants. 

Oscillations in radioactive exponential decay 
T.M. Semkov et al.
Physics Letters B 675,5 (2009) 415–419 

Several older and recent reports provided evidence for the oscillatory
character of the exponential decay law in radioactive decay and attempted
to explain it with basic physics. We show here that the measured effects
observed in some of the cases, namely in the decay of 226Ra, 32Si in
equilibrium, and 36Cl, can be explained with the temperature variations.

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