[ RadSafe ] Cloning Critters From Skin Cell Tissue

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Sun Jul 26 17:28:33 CDT 2009

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       Hello All,

            Hope your week is off to a great start.

            I was watching TV last night, and saw that some Japanese people 
      cloned some living mice from live skin tissue cells.  Not from 
umbilical cord
      matter, not from embryonic tissue, etc.  No, they cloned live mice 
from live   
      skin tissue cells.  Guess there are whole DNA strands in live skin 
      cells.  WOW!!!!  Sounds like Nobel prize winning science to me.  They 
      showed one of the cloned live mice.  The implications for Radiation 
      and other fields of biology are enormous.

           You can get your son/daughter over to your lab bench, bribe them 
     candy and/or soft drinks, and in a few minutes, after some slight pain,
     you can clone one of your kids from their skin tissue.  Heck, you 
     probably even clone your favorite family pet.  Don't take me too 
seriously here.

          The implications for human organ growth are amazing too.  Take 
      tissue from a live organ <or maybe someday from a piece of skin tissue
      and grow more such tissue in some petri dish or whatever.  One could 
      perhaps grow healthy pancreatic tissue for implanting into a dead or 
      pancreas and cure type I <or late life type II> diabetes.  Why don't 
      do pancreas transplants --- is it very difficult to do????

      Supposedly, in type I diabetes, the pancreas is dead or dying.  The 
      immune and/or other defense systems are attacking the whole pancreas
      because it is of no use to the body; it is like foreign matter in the 
body ---
      it is not serving its original purpose.  Perhaps one day now someone 
      be able to grow a whole pancreas from some healthy pancreatic tissue.

           Clearly, all of this cloning work has to be regulated and 
watched closely.
      Still, cloning critters from skin tissue will lead to less objection 
about all
      this cloning from government and/or religious organizations.

           If one is in a small country, with little government oversight, 
one could
      make speedy progress towards biological research goals.  Still, if 
one would
      use mutated and/or damaged DNA, the research outcomes could be
      tough to deal with.  Let's be careful out there!!!!!!

           On a side note, the 7 TeV on 7 TeV proton collider at CERN
      <Switzerland/France> should be coming online in Fall, 2009.
      Brookhaven's RHIC <Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider> apparently had
      a successful Spring, 2009 proton run at 100 GeV on 100 GeV AND
      250 GeV on 250 GeV proton energies.  They seem to be doing more
      work with protons than with heavy ions.  Small wonder.

          Some sort of Free Quark has been observed at FermiLab.  See their

          If cloning animals from tissue DNA doesn't get bioscientists 
     quickly with their work, I don't know what would.  Again, let's be 
     out there.

           Let the grant applications start flying out the door!!!!

         Regards,     Joseph R. <Joe> Preisig, Ph.D.


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