[ RadSafe ] Cloning Critters From Skin Cell Tissue

Maury Siskel maurysis at peoplepc.com
Sun Jul 26 18:11:29 CDT 2009

Dear Dr. Preisig,
Just cannot avoid a note to you to say thank you for posting a truly 
upbeat, enjoyable e-mail. This in a time when so much communication is 
largely unpleasant, tense, and edgy.

I really enjoyed just sitting here reading the news and ideas that you 
shared. Hearing this news, Jake looked up at me, smiled, and said. 'see, 
you can raise another of me before long ...'  And I thought how great it 
would be if I'd live long enough to share the company of another black 
Lab like Jake for nearly 15 years!

Thank you again for the pleasure you've given.
Maury&Dog  [Maury Siskel  maurysis at peoplepc.com]
JPreisig at aol.com wrote:

>Dear Radsafe:
>       This is from:   jpreisig at aol.com    
>Hello All,
>Hope your week is off to a great start.
>I was watching TV last night, and saw that some Japanese people had cloned some living mice from live skin tissue cells.  Not from umbilical cord matter, not from embryonic tissue, etc.  No, they cloned live mice from live skin tissue cells.  Guess there are whole DNA strands in live skin tissue cells. WOW!!!!  Sounds like Nobel prize winning science to me. They even showed one of the cloned live mice.  The implications for Radiation Biology and other fields of biology are enormous.
>You can get your son/daughter over to your lab bench, bribe them with candy 

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