[ RadSafe ] External radiation treatment for Prostate Cancer

Brian Rees brees at lanl.gov
Tue Jul 28 16:11:37 CDT 2009

A colleague and friend of mine is receiving external radiation 
treatment for prostate cancer.  He had some questions regarding his 
dose that I was unable to answer, so I figured I'd turn to Radsafe:

He has been told that the total dose over 8 weeks of treatment is 58 
Gy, is that reasonable? (I KNOW that the Doctor prescribes treatment, 
and does what they think is best, but this seems a bit low to me)

What is the probable energy of the radiation?  He was told 6 MeV, 
that seems kinda high to me.  Or is this just Emax, with E ave ~1/3 Emax?

Is there an approximate whole body dose for each treatment or an 
integrated WB dose equivalent?  Even approximately?  Since blood is 
irradiated, and there's some scatter, I figure there's some sort of 
pseudo-WB dose....

Brian Rees

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