[ RadSafe ] Sweden's nuclear fuel will be at Forsmark

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Here is one article:



The massmedial attention and interest yesterday was relatively low and tame.

In Forsmark and the nearby town Östhammar (about 150 km northeast of Stockholm)

most people were very happy about the decision. It will land many future jobs in the area and most people in that region (as well as in the competing Oskarshamn area were there was a disappointment about not being the "winner" - most people there are very well read on the topic and) are not particularly afraid of living near a site for nuclear waste. There seems to be a strong inverse association: those who live far away from nuclear technology are those who are most scared of it.


Our leading conservative newspaper, Svenska Dagbladet (SvD, www.svd.se ) has a very short political comment on the editorial page and another short article further into the paper edition. The issue is not even mentioned on the front page - other kinds of news compete (today a "secret report" about patient's food at hospitals dominate the first page of SvD) - bank problems the airplane crasch in the Atlantic, the upcoming EU election, sports and so on.


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