AW: [ RadSafe ] The world's first permanent disposal sitefor usednuclear fuel will be at Forsmark, Sweden's SKB announcedtoday.

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<snip>the longer sits before you reprocess, the easier the reprocessing can be. <end>

.....OTOH, much of the valuable Pu241 (fissile fuel) in SNF decays to useless Am241 (non-fissile TRU waste).



If you REALLY want non-retrievable, drop it into a deep ocean subduction zone.  Then wait a couple of eons.  

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Franz & All:

      Thanks to Bjorn Cederval for the additional info.  At one of the sites
there is this:

>"The Swedish technique consists of storing two tonnes of spent fuel in 
>copper-coated canisters that weigh 25 tonnes each.
>"Each canister is welded shut using a special technique and then 
>mechanically deposited in a tunnel in the repository.
>"A buffer of bentonite clay, a volcanic ash that when mixed with water 
>swells to provide a watertight barrier and protect against earthquakes, 
>is then injected to fill the hole in the rock.
>"'The canisters are buried several metres apart so he rock can absorb 
>the heat generated by the radioactive materials in each copper 
>Engholm explains.
>"Once a tunnel in the repository is full, the tunnel is filled in with 
>a mixture of bentonite and rock."

      It does not appear that ease of retrievability is one of the design requirements.

         -- George


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