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Is that what it is?  There are a number of comments to this article by Peter Eyre who pretends to be some sort of expert on DU and the Mideast - does anyone have any personal first hand knowledge of Mr Eyre?

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Text: The information/data released in the UNEP report did not show a true account of the actual data collected by the experts who wrote them and in actual fact some data had been altered or was missing. As an example the following information came from one of those experts only this week and read as follows: The Arab Medical League obtained for me at my request an air filter from an ambulance; also a missile crater sample. I have had these analysed here, at Harwell and in Sweden and they show the presence of uranium at levels higher than the Lebanon filter. There is both enriched and depleted uranium in different portions of the material, very strange; the actual isotope ratios vary and we are also using CR39 analysis. the results are not fully written up yet and need some thinking about, but there is certainly uranium in Gaza from weapons usage. This clearly demonstrates the usage of DU weaponry both in Lebanon (which revealed evidence of 4th Generation Nuclear Weapons) and more recently the findings from samples taken from Gaza. The original report on atmospheric contamination in the UK (that was withheld by Halliburton) has since been obtained under the UK freedom of information act and clearly shows a cover up. On the question of the Lebanese tests one of the main inspectors who was hired by the UNEP decided to reveal his own concerns that the document released was not a true reflection of the actual data and that gentleman submitted the statement as per above. On the issue of DU Penetrators....yes in general I agree that the initial impact is to break through a bunker roof or tank exterior but sometime upon contact and subject to the the nature or build of the structure the exlosion can and does breakout. It is 100% fact that upon initial impact DU dust becomes an aerosol and contaminates the area and beyond ie drifts on the wind. It is obvious here that we are again dealing with Regev type responses or possible agents from Mossad...either way one must ignore such fine propoganda and only allow those who can publish evidence to do so. I am sure that the critics show above will denounce the IDF\'s use of WP on densely populated Gaza......in passing I would like to remind those critics that the UN investigators are currently in Gaza and will find the same evidence on all the issues raised. The correct data will certainly be handed to the UN team via the local media. I have no doubt the same response from you all will be the same.
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