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He seems to be a master of obfustication.  Thanks for any comments that you would like to make.


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Name: Peter Eyre
Title: Response to comment re \"Expert College Kid\"
Text: Roger Helbig is typical of the Regev type propaganda machine that so monotonously repeats the same spin time and time again. Their source of information consists of flawed out of date data that has been made up by those bias towards Governments, Departments of Defence and the Nuclear Industry. They never reveal the fact that other experts who participated in such tests had their data altered or removed from the final report. They say nothing about the threats made to those same experts regarding heavy financial penalties or prison sentences to those that allow their information to enter the public domain. For my part I am ex military having served in many conflict zones in the Middle East, Asia, Far East and Oceania. My time in the military finished after serving on the staff of NATO at their HQ. Since this time I have been a Senior Consultant working with large corporate organisations, international governments, and local governments with extensive experience in high level security. Because of the nature of my position I have to retain credibility and only deal with experts in all of the respective fields I cover. I carry out audits, research and analysis on a variety of subjects. I have written up thousands of reports, written many manuals as well as press releases and articles such as this. This year I have appeared three times on TV as guest speaker on issues such as oil, gas and natural resources and war crimes etc. I therefore repeat that I only deal with international experts and many of those I have direct communications with. This now leads me to respond to you and your comment that you have quoted namely \"Expert\" is a college kid in Santa Clara, California. The most important person I currently deal with is a person that is world renown for his knowledge in the field of DU and who happened to take part in the sampling of Lebanon on behalf of UNEP and more recently has received samples from Gaza. His name is Dr Chris Busby BSc, PhD, C.Chem, MRSC and this \"college kid\" as you wrongfully quote have the follow under his belt namely: 1969 University of London First Class Honours Special Degree in Chemistry 1970-71 SRC research studentship for PhD Physical Chemistry (nmr spectroscopy), Queen Mary College, London 1974 Elected Member of Royal Society of Chemistry 1974 Chartered Chemist 1981 PhD Chemical Physics ( Raman spectroscopy/electrochemistry) University of Kent, Canterbury Member: Royal Society of Chemistry- Member: International Society for Environmental Epidemiology Member: Ukraine Committee: Physicians of Chernobyl Member: (Department of Health and DEFRA) CERRIE Committee Examining Radiation Risk from Internal Emitters 2001-2004 www.cerrie.org Member: Ministry of Defence DUOB Depleted Uranium Oversight Board 2002-2007 www.duob.org Scientific Secretary: European Committee on Radiation Risk www.euradcom.org Since 1997 Chris Busby has been engaged as an expert witness in several cases that relate to the effects of radioactive pollution on health, in several refugee appeals (Kosovo) based on Depleted Uranium risks, several trials of activists accused of criminal damage at weapons establishment and one at the House of Commons (evidence on Depleted Uranium and other radioactive substances), one MoD pension appeals tribunal for the widow of a A-Bomb test veteran and once in the Connecticut State Court for an appeal against licensing releases of radioactivity from the Millstone reactor on Long Island Sound. He is currently acting or has recently acted as expert witness on two cases in the UK involving the health effects of internal irradiation from Depleted Uranium. One of these is in the Royal Courts of Justice and also in three cases in the USA. Two of these (against Exxon) have recently been settled. The third, a landmark case involving childhood cancer near a nuclear plant in Florida is currently being appealed in the US Supreme Court. He also advised on the case of Rocketdyne (Boeing) and the Santa Susana Field Laboratory childhood retinoblastoma cluster in Western Los Angeles which was settled in January 2008 and also a TENORM radiation case involving Ashland Oil in Martha Kentucky. He is currently also expert witness and advisor on the UK Atomic Test veteran litigation in the Royal Courts of Justice. I also deal with other DU experts as well as Ex Senior Members of the armed forces namely weaponry experts and a Senior Explosives Chemist. I would strongly suggest that you stop reading reports that have either been doctored or have been compiled using out of date methods such as those used by the UNEP and WHO namely the ICRP Biokinetic Model. This method that was used as a direct result of heavy radiation dosage on the victims of Japan (WW2). This method is totally unsuitable for low level radiation especially once it enters the human body. Those reports are therefore deeply flawed and false. I would suggest you concentrate on some other subject that may be more applicable to your level of expertise or should I say lack of expertise. DU was used in Lebanon and also in Gaza. As far as Lebanon was concerned the evidence also revealed a new type of 4th Generation Nuclear Weapon and the initial findings from the Gaza samples revealed a much higher level of radiation. The article is fact not fantasy and you should hold your head in shame at not accepting that the US, NATO and IDF forces are contaminating not only the areas of conflict, its own troops and innocent civilians but also the world at large. Oh and I might add that I have an authentic copy of the Lebanon Report as well as the Honeywell document concerning the readings here in the UK. What do you have to offer apart from your well rehearsed propaganda!!!!
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