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Dear Franz,

The Swedish authorities have total limits for Radon. There is an overview (in Swedish) of the limits here:

For regular work places the limit is given as a concentration och radioactivity in air (400 Bq/m3), while it is given as an exposure (1500 MBqh/m3 per year) for subterranean facilities, including mines. You can also see the limits for residential buildings and different limits for Radon activity concentration in water. There are further links to the applicable regulations there as well.

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Mattias Olsson

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I am now reviewing an Austrian Standard on "Background Radon - Geogenic Radon" exposure which should according to a recent Austrian ordinance be substracted from the actual radon concentration in the air the employees work in. First of all I think that for the determination of dose to workers the total radon concentration has to be used, whatever its origin is!
Second: I cannot imagine that it is possible to distinguish at a working place the radon coming from  the material containing NORM and the radon for instance exhaled from the ground, liberated from water (waterworks!) or building material or other sources. It is a fact that the worker will receive a dose composed from all these components!


This is my opinion, but I would very much like to know, what the situation and the regulations are in other countries. What is the maximum permissible radon concentration at workplaces or for the dose from it? Is there any provision in any country for subtracting  "geogenic" radon from the radon concentrations liberated at the working place from materials processed?  


I would appreciate answers as soon as possible! Thank you!


Best regards,




Franz Schoenhofer, PhD

MinRat i.R.

Habicherg. 31/7

A-1160 Wien/Vienna



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