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Bjoern and interested RADSAFErs,

This article is only available in German. I could not find anything about
the story in English.

The story is originally from "Spiegel" a German news-journal. Whenever you
read "Spiegel" you should be very cautious - they try to keep up the
reputation of being respectable, reliable, reputable, to be extremely well
informed about background, to write the truth and nothing but the truth a nd
to tell their readers the latest secrets on politics, economics, culture -
and of course science. They are antinuclear, twist everything with respect
to nuclear or radioactivity until it fits their agenda. One of their
specific interest is to ridicule everything non-German, especially from
Austria. It is the paper for the pseudo-intellectual bobos (bohemien

So much about the source. It really is not worth the effort to translate it.
It is not even worth to summarize it, because as I found it, this is a very
old story - almost exactly one year old. The "facts" given by "Spiegel" are
only partly correct and distorted to downplay other people's integrity and

The facts - from other really reliable sources, all in German: Hugo Rüdiger
(retired) was accused of having falsified results of research so that it
would fit his anti-mobile attitude. The publications which are partly in
English and which you can find performing a google search with his name,
show him always as the last of the authors. A technician has admitted that
she simply invented results and that they had no real basis. The
(statistical) evaluation methods have been heavily critizised. A consensus
was reached that he would withdraw two papers - but he did not and is still
citing from them. ---- I think this is sufficient.

Med vaenlig haelsning


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It would be valuable if someone could summarize the essentials in English -
or just point at an alternative link with the story in English.


Bjorn Cedervall    bcradsafers at


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