AW: [ RadSafe ] Mobile phone studies in Vienna (translated by Babelfish)

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Mon Jun 29 10:43:56 CDT 2009

Dear Doug and RADSAFErs,

Doug, thank you for your hints regarding pdf-file. Thank you also for
providing this Babelfish translation because i caused me a smile and the
security that humans cannot yet be replaced in some fields by computers!

I have a very serious question to the English speaking RADSAFErs: Were you
able to understand from the translation the content of the article? If you
want you may send your answer to me directly.

As in all languages, the same word may have very different meanings and this
seems also in the case of this translation to be the most difficult item.
Examples: "Mobilfunkstudien" means "cellular mobile telephony" or probably
"mobile telephony studies", but it has nothing to do with a mobile radio.
Or: "Ruf" may mean both "call" (as used in the translation) or (as in the
original text) "reputation". Or: The name of the weekly journal is
"Spiegel", therefore it cannot be literarilly translated to "MIRROR". Or:
What are human cell preparations of mobile phones?

I admit that the translation technologies hava made a tremendous progress,
but it still is in my opinion far from fit to translate something from an
unknown language. I remember that Ruth Weiner once mentioned on RADSAFE that
she used these programmes for instance to make a very rough translation from
a language she knows to English and then she corrects it in order to save
time and effort. 

I expect your comments!


Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
MinRat i.R.
Habicherg. 31/7
A-1160 Wien/Vienna

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Betreff: [ RadSafe ] Mobile phone studies in Vienna (translated by

Portable radio: Mauschelei around Mogelstudien

The scandal over presumed falsified portable radio studies at the 
medical University of Vienna (MIRROR 35/2008) finds to no end. How 
thoroughly the processing failed, show minutes of an internal meeting, 
which are present the MIRROR. It loads both the rector and the 
dreiköpfigen „ ethics advice “ the university, which in the thing should 
determine. Under suspicion stood a row of studies, which had excited 
world-wide attention. Allegedly Viennese had found researchers out 
around the work physician Hugo Ruediger that the radio waves damage 
human cell preparations of mobile phones. In truth a Laborantin had 
obviously simply invented the data. „ all eight studies are based to 
that on data, those not by measurements of genuine cells to have 
developed can “, do not judge of Bremen biologist Alexander Lerchl, 
member of the German radiation protection commission. Lerchl, which had 
uncovered the case, sent the Viennese investigators besides a file, in 
which the authors of the study had left inadvertently traitorous traces; 
from this went
out, as they had suitably counted themselves their data. Although the 
proof situation was crushing, the advice offered according to minutes of 
the council meeting of the 24.Juli 2008 one „ amicable agreement to the 
colleague Ruediger “, around its call „ inadequately not to damage “: He 
may withdraw one of the eight with difficulty suspicious studies – and 
even these only for formal reasons. In response the ethics advice 
promised to let the falsification reproach be based on itself and not to 
touch the remaining seven studies. Spicy detail: The rector Wolfgang 
contactor agreed occupied, with the bent trade, like minutes. In 
addition it fits that the university did not hand the clearing-up over 
of the reproaches, as in such cases usual, to independent experts from 
outside. When consultant came calculated the Viennese psychologist 
Michael Kundi to the course, a well-known portable radio critic, who 
found to expose also little at the work its colleague to Ruediger. 
Rector contactor does not object, another committee further proofs have 
found could. From its view it gave also no amicable agreement; he spoke 
suspicion after the meeting publicly of one „ on heavy scientific 
failure “. Its estimate helped however nothing: Until today no study 
withdrawn – not even those, on which the Mauschler had first agreed. And 
Hugo Ruediger quotes already again publicly from the inkriminierten 
findings, as if nothing would have happened.
Source: Der Spiegel 26/2009

Bjorn Cedervall wrote:
> It would be valuable if someone could summarize the essentials in English
- or just point at an alternative link with the story in English.
> Bjorn Cedervall    bcradsafers at
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