[ RadSafe ] Total amount of plutonium dispersed in atomic bomb explosions etc

Bjorn Cedervall bcradsafers at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 19 09:08:25 CDT 2009

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I see that an old argument against nuclear power is coming back - that one millionth of a gram plutonium can kill you/give you a deadly cancer etc. There is of course the difference between ingestion and inhalation etc but my view angle is different:

The total amounts globally in the form of weapons and in particular the question of total amount (order of magnitude - thousands of kilos??) dispearsed from atomic bomb tests.


If Pu was so deadly - wouldn't we all have died from it already then?


What I am after is also any reasoning or numbers relating to the relevance of these comparisons (I doubt that we will inhale nuclear waste dumps like vaccuum cleaners making every Pu atom pass our bodies...). Please help with numbers - we hear for instance in the Swedish public debate that it is this and that much of Pu in our nuclear reactors and this in turn is equivalent to a number of atomic bombs etc, etc.


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