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FYI:  this months Metrologia journal is dedicated to dosimetry.

The articles are freely available for 30 days:
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Special issue on radiation dosimetry

This Month's Papers: Metrologia 

   This special issue of Metrologia on radiation dosimetry is the second in a 
   trilogy on the subject of ionizing radiation measurements, a field that is 
   overseen by Sections I, II and III of the CIPM's Consultative Committee for 
   Ionizing Radiation (CCRI). The work of Section II, on radionuclide metrology, 
   was covered in issue 44(4), published in 2007, and that of Section III, on 
   neutron metrology, will be covered in a special issue to be published shortly. 
   This issue covers the work of Section I (x-rays and γ rays, and charged particles).

EDITORIAL Special issue on radiation dosimetry
Peter Sharpe
S1  International framework of traceability for radiation dosimetry quantities
Penelope J Allisy, David T Burns and Pedro Andreo
S9  Free-air ionization chambers
D T Burns and L Büermann
S24  Air-kerma cavity standards
L Büermann and D T Burns
S39  Photon absorbed dose standards
Jan Seuntjens and Simon Duane
S59  Primary standards of absorbed dose for electron beams
M R McEwen and A R DuSautoy
S80  Primary standards and dosimetry protocols for brachytherapy sources
C G Soares, G Douysset and M G Mitch
S99  Radiation protection and environmental standards
Peter Ambrosi
S112  Overview of physical interaction models for photon and electron transport used in Monte Carlo codes
Francesc Salvat and José M Fernández-Varea

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