[ RadSafe ] Well counter recommendations

Carl Willis willis.219 at osu.edu
Wed Mar 25 15:49:23 CDT 2009

Hello RADSAFErs,

I am the RSO for a small proton accelerator company called Linac Systems LLC, and pursuant to our recent application for a byproduct material license, our state regulatory specialist has indicated her preference that we obtain a scintillation well counter for wipe tests.  (We have a plain old pancake GM counter on site that I had originally proposed to use in the application).   

Those of you familiar with the commercial lineup of well counters, I'm interested in your opinions / recommendations!  Additional comments regarding quality of service or costs of calibration would be helpful.  Also--second-hand dealers are welcome to contact me privately at

willis.219 at osu.edu

or at Linac Systems at 1-505-797-5614 if you have an offer.  [I'm ideally looking for basic functionality--something an employee with basic training can use.  Drop the wipe in the hole, hit a button, get a count (background automatically subtracted would be cool).  I know some of these things have a little MCA in them.  Nice, but we probably don't want to pay for this.]

I appreciate the help I've gotten on RADSAFE before, both on behalf of Linac Systems and also my various little hobby concerns.  Thanks to you all.

-Carl Willis

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