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      Hello Radsafers:

      More on fusion propulsion out of Princeton University via the Trenton 
(NJ/USA) Times Newspaper --- September 3, 2004.  Sorry, this is a bit dated 
I'm only getting around to writing about this now.   An engineer named Edgar 
Choueiri and his staff have been working on a lithium-plasma (thruster) 
which apparently may may provide 15 times the exhaust velocity compared
with the velocity available via combustion in conventional (chemical) rockets.
Funding for this work was provided by NASA's (USA) Project Prometheus,
and the research was originally funded for a three year time period.  A web 
may provide information on the research results, since this research should be
well on its way by now.  I have no more current information now.

     On a related topic the Princeton University Plasma Physics Lab (PPPL) 
competitively bid on a US DOE (Department of Energy) contract for five 
more years of research.  Princeton U. won the contract, good for a funding 
level of
390 million US dollars spread over five years (see the Trenton Times; January 
2009; possibly also see Physics Today magazine).   Nice funding, if one can 
get it.
Sigh....Oh well.

     I've been watching the History channel again, and saw a program on the
US Armed Forces attempts at achieving stealth jet airplane technology.  
early stealth aircraft had rounded saucer like shapes superimposed on
US jet fighters, in an attempt to reduce their RADAR (not neutron) cross 
Such aircraft looked a bit like flying saucers.  So, perhaps some early UFO
sightings were actually just sightings of these rounded surface jet fighters.
I doubt every UFO is actually explained by this.  I guess one can find what
today's stealth fighters and bombers look like on the internet.

     When is the Large Hadron Collider (LHC at CERN, Europe) coming back 
online???  We should be rolling in new elementary physics particles soon???

     Have a great week at work!!!!!

     Regards,     Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig, Ph.D.

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