[ RadSafe ] Mr. Connell states basis for radon risk reduction "have been rejected by legitimate scientists for decades"

William Levy wlevy at radonserv.com
Mon May 4 10:21:02 CDT 2009

Radsafe list readers and radon experts

I* have been a discussion recently concering radon and 226 Ra in drywall on
a home inspector message board and this was my comment*: ( the previous
posts on the thread
 *I do not see yo make any reference to an EPA document or published article
by EPA or other accepted study source.*

*Mr Connell reply :*

That’s because you don’t follow the radon discussions and, frankly, you
don’t know much about radon. I actually have provided several references to
back up what I say on this board, including referencing the EPA documents
which clearly state that they have never found ANY support for their
position, and where the EPA admits that when radon goes up, cancer rates go

Here's a link to that thread in particular:
SLRDs vs. Radon measurements - The Inspector's Journal

Additionally, if you want authoritative references I have dozens listed on
my web discussions:

Radon: Risk and Reality<http://www.forensic-applications.com/radon/reviews.html>
Radon: Truth vs. myth<http://www.forensic-applications.com/radon/radon.html>

In turn, I will challenge you (or your buddy) to find one, just ONE, just
ONE measly study that has measured the levels of radon in an home and found
a positive correlation with lung cancer, devoid of confounders. Bill – find
JUST ONE valid study. Goodness, that’s not too much to ask.

Yes, I’m familiar with your certifications, I’ve been through the
certification process – it’s pitched at a seventh grade level of education.
(I’m the only person I know who aced the EPA exam! What was your score?).
But my opinions aren’t based a couple of EPA classes, rather it’s based on
twenty years experience in radiation toxicology and epidemiology and16 years
experience as a Radiation Safety Officer.

Maybe you should actually read some of the EPA studies instead of the little
public service pamphlets they give you. You will find references to those
documents through the above links.

I don't mean to pick on you, Brother - I know you mean well, and I'm sure
you are a solid and decent guy who thinks he's helping folks - and that's a
good thing. *But the reality is that your services are built on an house of
cards, that have been rejected by legitimate scientists for decades.*

Caoimhín P. Connell
Forensic Industrial Hygienist
Forensic Industrial Hygiene <http://www.forensic-applications.com/>

 Do any of the " legitimate scientists"  or even non-legitimate ones agree
with Mr. Connell's conclusions ?

 FYI the entire thread is : with the radon posts close to the end:


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