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Demers, Joseph W Joseph_W_Demers at RL.gov
Wed May 6 11:26:29 CDT 2009

First, thanks to all that replied either on line or directly to me.

Here is what I have found regarding the ability to run the subject program:

If you have an old install of XP (even SP3) without recent updates the program will run.  As to why this is and some possible avenues for folks more Windows knowledgeable than I to think about see below.

According to the HP Journal folks, they are aware that the program does not work under Vista.  They had not heard of my XP problem.  They aren't supporting the program but are at the early stages of developing a follow on product.

RadSafers results were mixed with about half able to run the program under XP, usually with the caveat that the machine was older.

In looking around the net,  the QLU program is legacy now, but appears to have operated via HTTP protocol using a program called xserver.exe.  My suspicion is that updates to Win XP fixed a vulnerability that blocks port 8080 that xserver wants to use to communicate with QLU.

My fix was to dig out an old laptop that had not been updated in a while and try the program.  It worked so as long as I don't allow for updates it should continue to do so.  Please be aware if you try this approach that some updates will make the program non-functional.

If the above sparks anyone to a better solution, please let me know.

Joe DeMers, CHP, CSP
Health Physicist
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