[ RadSafe ] Obama to name Reid ally as NRC chairman

Dick Granberg dgranber at net-link.net
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Hi Otto, Sandy, and company,

Let's go easy on the political characterizations.  I'm a lifelong liberal
Democrat, and I think nuclear power is great.  I know many others that do
also.  The issue with Yucca Mountain is not nuclear power, it's Yucca
Mountain.  We need to remember our history here.  The reason Yucca Mountain
is such a thorn in the side of the Democratic Party is the way that the
Reagan Republicans short-circuited the repository search and forced it down
Nevada's throat.  It was never about nuclear power.  It's also not about the
technical merits of Yucca Mountain.  The ill-conceived proclamations the
industry has made over the years about the absolute necessity of having
Yucca Mountain in place to move forward are going to be thrown back in the
industry's face over and over, but that's water under the bridge.  This
gives us an opening to spend some money on siting ESF's, getting the IFR
program going again, etc., without having to constantly fight over Yucca

As far as Obama's appointment of Jaczko goes, it may slow things down a
little.  But at the end of the line the licensing processes may be more
widely accepted that they would have been otherwise.  The anti-nukes won't
be satisfied, but they never will be.  My liberal democratic friends and I
would like things to move faster on the new reactor front than they are
probably going to for a ittle while, but that was a trade-off.  For us,
faster action on nuclear power was not worth having to live with another
Republican administration.  We are going to have new plants anyway, maybe a
little slower, and maybe with a little less shouting.


Dick Granberg

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Hello Otto,

Your statement regarding the Liberal Democrats is valid. I'm speculating
that their numbers compared to the majority of Americans is such that the
nuclear option remains viable and strong. It appears that favorability grows
as the economic factors decline. Hopefully the favorability remains strongs
with an upside in the economy.

In the meantime, utilities continue to submit licensing plans. That's a good


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Hi, Sandy,



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