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Greetings all,

I've been asked a question about x-ray production near xenon arc lamps
used in search lights.  All I've been able to discover is that the
greatest potential for x-ray production would be during ignition.
Ignition requires voltages in the 20kV to 50kV range; sustaining
voltages runs in the 10V to 100V range.  Typical lamps run at pressures
greater than 25 atm (2.5 GPa) (I've seen references to pressures as high
as 300 atm (30 GPa)).

My suspicion that the high voltage power supply might be a source of a
very short bust of ~10kV x-rays, but I have found no hard information.

Does anyone know of any studies been published regarding x-ray
production near xenon arc lamps?

Thank you,


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