[ RadSafe ] RE: radsafe Digest, Vol 222, Issue 2

Weaver, Ellsworth III JEW1 at PGE.COM
Wed Nov 18 15:45:39 CST 2009

 Regarding "massive amounts of radiation" to heart attack patients:

Last year I had blockage of my right and my circumflex arteries of the
heart. Felt just like they teach in CPR - like a bad case of indigestion
that would not clear with antiacids. I crunched on three aspirins, then
scooped up all my meds and made it to the hospital. A couple hours later
the tests showed I was for sure having a heart attack. I watched as very
competent doctors put in four stents in my arteries. I was asking what I
was watching on the screens and was cautioned to lie back down. Hey, I
am a nosey teacher!  I was back at work in a couple weeks. I have just
had my year and a half checkup. I will gladly take the 1.45 rem! It
saved my life. Nothing like trying to scare folks out of treatment they

J. Ellsworth Weaver III
General Employee Instructor
Diablo Canyon Power Plant
Avila Beach, CA, USA

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