[ Radsafe ] Your Comments Requested re: Valuable Isotopes

Gil Patrice Zamfirescu gzamfire at alum.mit.edu
Wed Nov 25 12:07:22 CST 2009


I am working on a research project with a colleague of mine and I am trying
to better understand the market value of certain rare and in-demand
isotopes. Specifically, I am trying to identify isotopes that are valuable
in small curie quantities.

Although the information I've found online is of dubious quality, here are
some of the isotopes I've looked into (prices in USD):

Cesium, Cs-137; HL: 30.17 years; Approx. Market Price: ~$80 per microCurie
Iron, Fe-55; HL: 2.73 years; Approx. Market Price: $1.40 per microCurie
Polonium, Po-210: HL: 138 days; Approx. Market Price: ~$800 per microCurie

Again, I believe these prices are vastly inflated.

Are there Radsafers who conduct research with valuable isotopes (or know of
others who do so) or who are involved on the supplier side of isotope
distribution and would be willing to add to or comment on the list or speak
with me directly?

Many thanks,
Gil Zamfirescu-Pereira.

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