[ RadSafe ] Childhood Leukemia and proximity to nuclear power plants

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Sat Oct 3 14:18:03 CDT 2009

Oct. 3

         Has anyone read this paper, and is this the proper 
citation?  EHP doesn't seem to have issues that combine months.  Is 
this a supplement to EHP?

Steven Dapra

At 07:17 AM 10/1/2009, Bjorn Cedervall wrote:

>Just FYI:
>Articles relating to professor Nussbaum=2C Mangano and others in "Environme=
>ntal Health Perspectives" ("Childhood leukemia and Proximity to Nuclear Pow=
>er Plants"=2C September-October issue=2C Vol. 117:A437 + one more paper)
>Suggested reading includes C. Busby=2C J. Mangano.... and others.
>My personal initiative only
>Bjorn Cedervall   bcradsafers at hotmail.com

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