[ RadSafe ] Seeking donation of button sources for loaner "Radiation Demonstration Kits"

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Fri Oct 9 10:59:17 CDT 2009

At this time we have a number of "Radiation Demonstration Kits" ready to loan
to educators free of charge. There are several types of sets to choose from and within each type 
there are several identical kits.

Some of the kits use scalers with mica window probes for the metering, some use the Cenco Geiger Counter which has a metal GM probe as 
well as integral ruler for "inverse square law" demos, others are various commercial meter/probe combinations.  We have not much problem 
gathering meters and probes, but more are always appreciated.

What we are short on are absorber sets and stands, alpha-beta-gamma button sources (+minigenerators etc), and lab manuals. Donation of 
more of these would allow us to expand the inventory out to the desired 36 kits.

Most any other "source*", "exempt quantity", "consumer/generally licensed" and NORM sources appreciate and put to good use.

We do have a surplus of thorium mantles is any educators need.

As we make our own ZnS(Ag) screens, there is a good supply of these alpha particle detection devices as well.

I am available to discuss needs and class strategies with anyone in the game. 

George Dowell
New London Nucleonics Lab

*We are well within our annual weight restrictions. 

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