[ RadSafe ] Alarm on AMS3

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In theory, the striker for the bell could be adjusted by bending to
lessen the impact and reduce volume, but it would be a fiddly adjustment
if it can be done at all.  This is assuming the bell works like most
electric bells I've seen. 

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If the unit you have uses a large bell on side, then you're going to
have to remove it and either replace it with something a little quieter
or use an external device to make whatever level of noise you prefer. 

The AMS3 does have alarm outputs you can use with some other device -
perhaps an external Sonalert from Mallory?

Jeff Sawyer
Lab Impex Systems
Kohler, WI
jeff.sawyer at lab-impex-systems.com

>We have some old (but quite functional) AMS-3 Beta CAMs that we are 
>looking to put into service.

>In testing the equipment, we noticed that the audible alarm is 
>excessively loud for the workspace.  The ambient noise levels are 
>around 70 dB and the alarm goes off closer to 105 dB.  An additional 
>concern is that this alarm will be in an area in which animals may be 
>present.  We are looking for ways to lower the alarm level to maybe 
>just 15 - 20 dB over ambient without disabling it or jeopardizing its

>Does any one have any ideas?  The User's Manual is silent.  Thermo has 
>not responded to my inquiries.

>Elaine T. Marshall, CHP


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