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George Andrews gandrews at ntplx.net
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When have politicians ever made decisions based on science when it is the 
right thing to do? How Many people who comment on cell phone safety, pro or 
con, actually understand the technology?

Police, Fire, Public works, taxi drivers, truck drivers and amateur radio 
operators have been communicating via radio for years. Some of the 
communication is under stressful conditions. There is a very long history of 
this which will document the safety record of this activity. Why should cell 
phone (radio communication) be any different? Rather than punish those who 
can safely use radio communication while mobile, punish those who harm 
others or the personal property of others while communicating while mobile. 
There are so many other activities people do while mobile. Texting while 
mobile is the latest. Eating, drinking, smoking, changing radio stations, 
fixing hair... the list goes on. If you create harm while driving 
distracted, let there be a stiff fine. Even stiffer for the second offense. 
Third offense and you loose your license for a period of time and prove 
fitness to drive to get the license back. It would be easy to document an 
individuals cell phone activity at the time of an accident!

The hazard is not from the non IR, but the way the device is used.

George Andrews, RRPT

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WHAT!?!?  You mean we should consider possible downside effects and
prioritize with other risks before making a knee-jerk reaction?  Have
you been following the cellphone-cancer discussion AT ALL!?!

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