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Strickert, Rick rstrickert at signaturescience.com
Mon Sep 21 14:54:49 CDT 2009

"Your list of anti-SI-publications does not impress me at all. The journal of Chem. Ed. I do not know, but it is without doubt not authorative in Radiation Protection and opinions expressed there can be easily disregarded!"

Franz, as I previously noted, the SI articles covered "many scientific fields"; it was not exclusively in the area of radiation protection.  You can google the journals to find out about them, if you wish.  And the _J. Chem. Ed._ articles discussed other SI units, not those related to radiation protection.   Furthermore, not all of the articles were "anti-SI."

"The origin of this discussion was invention of new terms!"

The origin of this discussion was a request for the meaning of "radionuclear material."    The IAEA Glossary explanation pointed out that some of the early uses of "radionuclear" were in the area of radiomedicine and as a term  for 'nuclear and/or radioactive'  A googlescholar search at last back to the 1940s, can confirm this.

Rick Strickert
Austin, TX

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