[ RadSafe ] Reference for formula

Bob Cherry bobcherry at satx.rr.com
Wed Sep 23 16:45:21 CDT 2009



I encountered the following "formula" while looking over a license
application for a uranium recovery operation:



Scrap Material will be characterized as follows:


1.    Using a Ludlum MicroR survey meter, or equivalent, a representative
number of gamma surveys, but not less than five gamma readings, shall be
made on each side of the material to be shipped.

2.    Gamma readings shall be conducted at each end of the material and on
all accessible sides. The readings shall be made on the surface of the
material. The readings shall be arithmetically averaged.

3.    Using the average gamma reading, the estimated radioactivity in Curies
per load shall be calculated by multiplying the average exposure rate given
in µR/hr by the volume of the container given in cubic yards and by the
factor 1.82E-6, using the following formula:

Total Activity per shipment = (Average Gamma Reading in µR/hr) x (Volume of
the shipment in cubic yards) x (1.25 µR/hr per pCi/g) x (1.453E-6 Ci/pCi per
g/cubic yard)




I have looked on the Internet for a reference for this formula. (I emphasize
it is a formula and not an equation because the units are not in agreement
if it was an equation.)


Can anyone provide a reference for this formula? Thanks.




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