[ RadSafe ] U.S. Inks Nuclear Reprocessing Deal With India

Peter Bossew Peter.Bossew at reflex.at
Sat Aug 7 05:47:46 CDT 2010


Argumenta ad hominem are bad style and should have no place in this list.

"America": Call me "anti-american", but this is part of the problem.
America stretches from Canada to Chile. Did you ever give a thought to why
the US is met with so much reservation (putting it politely) in Latin
Btw., I agree that  the best Jägerschnitzels are made in America. More
precisely, they come from the altiplano of Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador and
are made of llama. Best with a local beer and a cup of coca tea. (My
choice, anyway) 


Chris Steinmann <crsteinmann at gmail.com> schreibt:
>Sometimes I think you spend the entire day down at the Augustiner, and
>several liters of mediocre swill you decide to hop on Radsafe.  You should
>try an American microbrew.  The brews are very complex and leave one only
>wishing he could have another.
>I picture you sitting in your very old bathrobe and slippers while you
>at the idea of being an American.  It is obvious you have met countless
>confident and successful Americans who you envy to no end.
>You too, Franz could be an American.  I am sure the U.S. would consider
>granting you dual citizenship--but only under one condition.
>You would have to contribute something POSITIVE.  And you might have to
>separate your personal inadequacies and addictions from your
>so on second thought that is not possible.
>I invite you to come to America more Franz.  Americans even make jaeger
>schnitzel better than Austrians.

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