[ RadSafe ] U.S. Inks Nuclear Reprocessing Deal With India this subject was not covered in most of the messages!

parthasarathy k s ksparth at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Aug 8 21:11:55 CDT 2010

All radsafers,

Last nine messages did not deal with "US inks Nuclear Reprocessing Deal with 
India", the "Subject" of the messages. The message is more important than who 
wrote it. After a few messages in the list you tend to realize who is likely to 
contribute! No offence meant!

 I carefully looked for some views of the list members on the US-India deal.This 
is particularly because of my India connection and also because I knew closely 
the early developments which led to the Indo-US civil nuclear cooperation 
agreement. The article I wrote for the Press Trust of India gives an idea  about 
some of these developments;


(Formerly Secretary, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board)
Raja Ramanna Fellow

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Subject: Re: [ RadSafe ] U.S. Inks Nuclear Reprocessing Deal With India

I've known Joe Alvarez for many years and he is extremely technically competent 
and his opinions and comments are appropriate for consideration here on Radsafe 
as well as any other forum he posts to. Joe was also on the Health Physics 
Society Board of Directors and was my liaison to the Board as I was the Chair, 
Health Physics Standards Committee (which I am still Chair going into my 3rd 
three year term). Joe did note that his affiliation was included in his E-Mail 
posting, and even if it were not, I agree with Jeff that with the many personal 
smart phones used for responding to posts, it is not always convenient to 
include one's entire signature information. When I respond or post from my 
smartphone, just my name is included. Where possible, one's affiliation is of 
interest, but it's the comments that count and not necessarily the affiliation 
that is important. Having just had surgery for a detached retina three days ago, 
and I'm typing with one eye closed, I'll stop my comments here, before I 
aggravate the condition even more.


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On Aug 8, 2010, at 2:38 PM, Franz Schönhofer wrote:

> You are kidding – I am polite, not using some other probably more
> Appropriate expressions. An email address is no identification –how should
> it, since it can be chosen freely? Though being not at all a professional at
> the Internet I recognize that it is you, who has no idea about it.
> I need not grow up, I am old enough. I fully support young scientists
> whenever I can,  but maybe you should shed the eggshells from your head
> (literallily translated from German).
> RADSAFE does not need such wannabes and trolls, you should leave RADSAFE at
> once unless you can provide something substantial.
> Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
> MinRat i.R.
> Habicherg. 31/7
> A-1160 Wien/Vienna
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> Von: Joseph Alvarez [mailto:jalvabeta at gmail.com]
> Gesendet: Sonntag, 08. August 2010 22:47
> An: Franz Schönhofer
> Cc: Clayton J Bradt; radsafe at health.phys.iit.edu
> Betreff: Re: [ RadSafe ] U.S. Inks Nuclear Reprocessing Deal With India
> Please note. I did identify myself and affiliation. How else were you able
> to reply? To claim otherwise is another example of your lack of
> professionalism. Please grow up.

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