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Shane Connor webmaster at ki4u.com
Tue Aug 10 21:28:12 CDT 2010

Regarding the Efficacy of 'Duck & Cover'...

A large 500 KT nuke explosion air burst (Hiroshima air burst was 
about 15 KT) the
lethal zone would extend out to about 2.2 miles from GZ, with 
overpressures at, or
above,10 psi inside that zone. Few survivors there, that were above 
ground at the
time, as the blast, thermal pulse and initial radiation would have 
been far too great.

For the men, women, and children, farther away than 2.2 miles, 
rushing to gawk at
what the 'bright flash' was, at work, home, and school, they'd all 
then be at risk of...

Impact lethality out to just over 4 miles.

Impact skull fracture and serious glass wounds out to 5 miles.

Impact injuries out to over 6 miles, with 50% probability of 3rd 
degree burns, if in
clear line-of-sight at the instant of initial flash.

Skin lacerations from glass fragments out to almost 9 miles, with 50% 
probability of
1st degree burns, if in clear line-of-sight at instant of initial flash.

If the population was evenly distributed inside that outermost 9 mile 
radius from GZ,
there are over 15 times more people beyond that 2.2 mile lethal 
overpressure zone,
than are inside it.

At that lethal zone edge of 2.2 miles out from GZ, the shock wave and 
wind blast will
be arriving in about eight seconds after the initial flash.

Everyone further out, 15 times more people and families, will have 
even more time to
'duck & cover' and avoid becoming additional, unnecessary, 
casualties. BUT, ONLY IF
they'd been trained beforehand in why, when, and how to effectively do so.

And, regarding fallout, most won't know to move perpendicular away 
from the downwind
drift of the fallout to get out from under it before it even arrives. 
And, for those who can't
evacuate in time, few know how quick & easy it is to throw together 
an expedient fallout
shelter, to safely wait out the radioactive fallout as it loses 99% 
of its lethal intensity in
the first 48 hours.

Some of this is from Nuclear Attack Environment Handbook, FEMA - 
1990, one of many
sources I've referenced, with charts detailing all of the above, here at...


Bottom Line: RadSafe is "devoted to the topic of radiation protection 
(Health Physics)."
and, IMO, there is no greater opportunity to protect more people from 
future radiation
and nuke effects injuries than to encourage and promote the 
establishment of truly
effective & practical public Civil Defense education in how to 
survive nuke threats.

When nukes go off, many here will likely be called upon to lend their 
expertise to help
deal with the aftermath. How much better would it be to have done so, 
beforehand, to
have potentially tens of thousands, or more, fewer casualties or 
families perishing all
needlessly later?

I'm not asking of the government billions for provisioned blast & 
fallout shelters for all,
like what already awaits our top politicians, just a mass media, 
business and school
based release of proven practical basic Civil Defense instruction in 
how to survive
nuke blasts and the fallout later.

A one-hour program sponsored by DHS and/or FEMA,  enthusiastically endorsed by
the President on down, with full-court media press, PSA's, then have 
it running as a
public service message continuously on a cable and sat channel. DVD's 
also sent to
all businesses and schools. A light version should be done for young 
children and the
business version to focus on their special needs protecting workplace 

IMO, if done right, and most everyone in this country got to see it 
and largely grasped it,
we could have 80% fewer casualties if/when nukes ever got unleashed 
here and, as a
bonus, then our First-Responders would be many magnitudes more 
effective dealing
with those much, much smaller remaining casualty numbers.

Read the short to-the-point 2-page <http://www.ki4u.com/goodnews.htm>

The Good News About Nuclear Destruction! at
www.ki4u.com/goodnews.htm and see if this doesn't make KT's of sense 
to you, too.

After a nuke goes off here, if we had failed to do this mass public 
Civil Defense training,
the after-action reports, and in-depth studies for years, will be 
chock full of countless
tragic examples of our fellow American families that had perished 
needlessly for lack
of knowing what to do from that first flash second onward.

None of us here want to have to be writing those reports.

Shane Connor

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