[ RadSafe ] "Countdown to Zero" disarmament movie

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
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Aug. 12

         Beckmann was wise.

Steven Dapra

At 11:11 PM 8/11/2010, Mark Holmes wrote:

>So are you saying he was wise   ....or insane??
>With regard to the - lets face it - armageddon of nuclear war, I would
>have thought the most important thing would not be "the will to win" nor
>"the will to survive", but the will to avoid it in the first place.
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>Aug. 11
>          In approximately 1983 Petr Beckmann delivered a lecture about
>the nuclear freeze movement.  (He took a rather dim view of it.)
>          With respect to nuclear war in particular, he said the two most
>important things were "the will to win and the capacity to survive."
>Steven Dapra
>At 03:02 PM 8/11/2010, Shane Connor wrote:
> >Thank you for the response and your encouragement for mass public Civil
> >Defense training, Mike.
> >
> >I'm thinking it might take news breaking of a county or, better yet, a
> >state, stepping up and doing it on it's own first, if Fed's hadn't yet,
> >to spark national debate questioning and pushing Fed's why they are
> >
> >Of course, with tightening state budgets and top-down management
> >attitudes, I don't have many illusions holding out hope we'll see that.
> >
> >But, who knows, if we saw a nuke unleashed today, and it's aftermath
> >all the news then, hopefully somewhere other than here first, then that
> >attitude could change in a flash here then, too! The call for Civil
> >Defense could be deafening then, let's just hope not too late to still
> >
> >I'd hoped that when the only county in America that had, on their own,
> >re-instituted their public fallout shelters and local radiation
> >monitoring networks, we'd of then seen both better national news
> >coverage of it, followed by that national debate re Civil Defense,
> >which would lead into training of the public, too.
> >
> >See what Madison County - Huntsville, Alabama, home of our nations
> >rocket scientists at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center have done
> >there http://www.hsvcity.com/video_files/nuke_fallout.wmv and
> >presentation of how every county could, too, here
> >http://ynpxtpnb.apollohosting.com/ddponline.org/08-powerpoint/08-paradi
> >se.pdf
> >
> >Shane Connor
> >www.ki4u.com


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