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The Hitler's and Stalin's of the world, today and tomorrow, will only be
dissuaded by the consequences of retaliation if they dared to unleash
theirs. Our "will to win and capacity to survive" doesn't equate with an
eagerness to start it, but does help deter others temptations to do so.

Do I wish there were no nukes anywhere, sure, as most would, but
reality is they are here, and will likely still be, at least as long as both
your children and mine are alive. So, how best to survive them, if any
do get unleashed, IMO, needs to also be a prime concern for us all.

My beef with disarmament movement is that they have derided public
Civil Defense for decades as being futile & ineffective, as seen here....

They are, in that respect, like a group of activists trying to ban & abolish
cars, because they kill so many each year, and to support their agenda
have duped everybody into thinking that using their seat belts & airbags
won't help make them any safer in the meantime. That'd be ludicrous.

Tens of thousands, or more, could perish needlessly from lack of basic
knowledge of the effectiveness of 'duck & cover' and fallout protection,
having been duped by decades of disarmament movement pushing all
their myths of nuclear un-survivability. The tragic irony here will be that,
the sincere activists just wanting to save lives from nukes, had actually
helped make everyone even more vulnerable to perishing from them!
That'll be an 'inconvenient truth' of 'unintended consequences' none of
them will be very proud of then.

Shane Connor

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So are you saying he was wise   ....or insane??

With regard to the - lets face it - armageddon of nuclear war, I would
have thought the most important thing would not be "the will to win" nor
"the will to survive", but the will to avoid it in the first place.

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