[ RadSafe ] "Countdown to Zero" disarmament movie

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Should we not include Truman? After all, he "unleashed" his weapons exactly
because he was not afraid of "the cosequenses of retaliation". This is a
prime example in favour of nuclear balance.

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> The Hitler's and Stalin's of the world, today and tomorrow, will only be
> dissuaded by the consequences of retaliation if they dared to unleash
> theirs. Our "will to win and capacity to survive" doesn't equate with an
> eagerness to start it, but does help deter others temptations to do so.
> Do I wish there were no nukes anywhere, sure, as most would, but
> reality is they are here, and will likely still be, at least as long as 
> both
> your children and mine are alive. So, how best to survive them, if any
> do get unleashed, IMO, needs to also be a prime concern for us all.
> My beef with disarmament movement is that they have derided public
> Civil Defense for decades as being futile & ineffective, as seen here....
> www.ki4u.com/countdowntozero.htm
> They are, in that respect, like a group of activists trying to ban & 
> abolish
> cars, because they kill so many each year, and to support their agenda
> have duped everybody into thinking that using their seat belts & airbags
> won't help make them any safer in the meantime. That'd be ludicrous.
> Tens of thousands, or more, could perish needlessly from lack of basic
> knowledge of the effectiveness of 'duck & cover' and fallout protection,
> having been duped by decades of disarmament movement pushing all
> their myths of nuclear un-survivability. The tragic irony here will be 
> that,
> the sincere activists just wanting to save lives from nukes, had actually
> helped make everyone even more vulnerable to perishing from them!
> That'll be an 'inconvenient truth' of 'unintended consequences' none of
> them will be very proud of then.
> Shane Connor
> www.ki4u.com
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> So are you saying he was wise   ....or insane??
> With regard to the - lets face it - armageddon of nuclear war, I would
> have thought the most important thing would not be "the will to win" nor
> "the will to survive", but the will to avoid it in the first place.
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