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Thanks for the info. I was not aware of this. It just supports what others 
have said. The ship (or several) you described would likely not have a 
chance of being detected while in international waters. That would mean it 
would only be a range of 1500 miles or less for a missile which could carry 
a nuclear, biological or chemical warhead. The nuclear warhead could be a 
device optimized for EMP effect which does not have to be a nuclear device..

I am not assigning any probability of occurence for such an event. However, 
in terms of emergency preparation, one must consider all possibilities. Some 
on this list exhibit ostritch like behavior when this subject comes up. To 
the distress of some extreme nationalists, the US Coast Guard motto comes to 
mind... Semper Paratus".

I also suspect a number of members in this group may not fully understand 
the impact of an EMP event. I am certain there are others who have far 
greater understanding of such things than I. Effective communication is a 
key and essential part of any response to a disaster, man made or naturally 
occuring. An EMP event would render almost all solid state electronics 
inoperative. Consider the effect on our instrumentation used for the 
detection of WMD agents, nuclear or otherwise! What would happen to local 
air and maritime navigation systems? What would happen to your counting lab 
if in the zone of impact?

These issues should be of concern on an international scale, not only the 
USA! Something to think about!

George Andrews

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> George,
> A few months ago, there was a Russian company marketing ships designed for
> at-sea missle launching.  The were depicted as commercial vessels with the
> missile launcher in a structure that appeared to be a shipping container.
> I don't know if that marketing campaign is ongoing.
> Don Kosloff
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