[ RadSafe ] cesium 137 check source rate

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Thu Aug 19 08:49:30 CDT 2010

John Dixon said:
"a count rate meter such as a Geiger Counter CAN measure a dose rate if 
there is an applicable correction/calibration factor associated with it - 
i.e. XXX counts per minute per mr/hr for an applicable isotope- something 
like that. "

Since we are often called upon to measure dose rate of an unknown isotope, 
or a mixture of isotopes, the easy way out is to use an energy compensated 
probe (i.e. Ludlum Model 44-38), with the corresponding scale for mR/H (i.e. 
202-084 meter face). Accuracy still depends on geometry, in other words the 
field must be larger than the probe.


George Dowell
New London Nucleonics Lab 

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