[ RadSafe ] Nuclear Power in Saudi Arabia

George Stanford gstanford at aya.yale.edu
Sun Aug 22 10:25:53 CDT 2010

      Because it's much cheaper than solar, and they can sell their 
oil to others??
      --  George Stanford


At 09:08 AM 8/22/2010, blreider at aol.com wrote:


The Shaw Group, Inc., Toshiba & Execelon are planning to work with 
the Saudis on building nuke electric generating plants in Saudi 
Arabia.  Note that Shaw & Toshiba own Westinghouse Nuclear, the 
designer of the AP1000 series nuclear plants.

Question:  With all that sun and all that oil why does Saudi Arabia 
need electric energy from nuclear fuel?

Barbara Reider, CHP
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