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Hi Group:

Joel is right. I think that I've mentioned this before, but many soils
containing clays allow Cs-137 to become irreversibly adsorbed into the clay
lattice structure, making it unaccessible biologically.  I would expect that
the "bioavailable" Cs-137 to diminish significantly faster than the loss
through half-life disintegration. However (the caveat), forest soils do not
contain much clay. Forest soils in Austria & Germany tend to be
"peat-forming soils" locally and certainly the upper 20 cm tend to be
dominated by degraded organic material with a very high cation-exchange
capacity.  Cesium has a high cation-exchange selectivity, so the humus zone
tends to concentrate Cs-137.  Since mushrooms utilize this zone and also
hyperaccumulate Cesium, the mushrooms can be pretty hot.  The French
experimented with harvesting mushrooom caps around Chernobyl to remediate

Dan ii

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Some readers failed to note that the Cs-137 has migrated downward in soil to
the stratum that mushrooms draw from.  Hence, the rad levels in mushrooms
have gone up.  Re-concentration factors are at work.

Joel I. Cehn, CHP

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hernobyl fallout residue:
Interesting why the Cs-137 levels are peaking now in game meat...

Joel I. Cehn, CHP 

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