[ RadSafe ] City of Houston shuts down two radioactive water wells |I-Team: khou.com

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Fri Dec 24 13:48:03 CST 2010

Dec. 24

         This link is to a three page letter of Sept. 2010 from the 
USGS to the Houston Water Department.  The third page is a table 
showing the alpha in Houston water wells.  One bar shows the 72 hour 
count and one shows the 30 day alpha count; both in pCi/L.


Steven Dapra

At 10:24 AM 12/24/2010, you [Doug Huffman] wrote:
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>"Earlier this week, city council member and former police chief C.O.
>?Brad? Bradford criticized city leaders for not doing more, sooner.  He
>reviewed the draft copy of the USGS report, which revealed radiation was
>detected in nearly every groundwater well the federal agency tested in
>Houston. The draft was delivered to city officials in the public works
>department in September.  Bradford said citizens were in danger and
>should be warned of their increased cancer risks, even if the radiation
>levels were below ?legal? limits that force utilities to act."
>The conspiracy of ignorance masquerades as common sense.


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