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The following might help you with determining the amount of money spent 
annually on radon remediation in the US:

Evaluation report: more action needed to protect public from indoor radon 
risks.  Office of Inspector General, US Environmental Protection Agency; 
June 3, 2008. [Online] 
http://www.epa.gov/oig/reports/2008/20080603-08-P-0174.pdf (February 4, 
2010) (search on annual, EPA grant information provided)

"6: Indoor radon: a case study in decisionmaking." From Researching Health 
Risks.  Office of Technology Assessment, US Congress; November, 1993. 
[Online] http://www.princeton.edu/~ota/disk1/1993/9352_n.html (February 4, 

Environmental investments: the cost of a clean environment.  US 
Environmental Protection Agency; November, 1990. [Online]  
(February 4, 2010)

YAHSGS LLC.  Assessment of the 2000 and 2001environmental management 
industry: the times they are a-changin?.  Richland, WA; August, 2002. 
[Online] http://www.yahsgs.com/Env_Ind_Report_2002.pdf (February 4, 2010) 
(Search on radon, one mention of radon, revenues are folded in with 
Industrial Services, p. 27 [pdf p. 45/75])

Industry statistics sampler: NAICS 56291, remediation services. US Census 
Bureau, US Department of Commerce. [Online] 
http://www.census.gov/econ/census02/data/industry/E56291.HTM (February 4, 
2010) (see Definition: NAICS 56291 Remediation services for radon 

Industry statistics sampler: NAICS 238990, all other specialty trade 
contractors. US Census Bureau, US Department of Commerce. [Online] 
http://www.census.gov/econ/census02/data/industry/E238990.HTM (February 4, 
2010) (radon revenues are folded in with this category)

Funding Universe.  Company histories: Landauer, Inc.  [Online]  
(February 4, 2010) (search on radon, Landauer specific radon revenues, may 
help with establishing low end of estimate)


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